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This week we continue or series at Imprint Church called Witness.

It’s a study of the book of Acts. This week we look at chapter 13-14.

Watch this sermon from Imprint Church in Woodinville on Acts 13-14.

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Acts 11:18-30 and 13:1-3. What do we learn about the church plant in Antioch and why would it inspire us to continue on in this endeavor of church planting?
  2. Share with your group about how you are serving the body of Christ at Imprint Church. Spend a few minutes brainstorming if there is anyone whom you could inspire to serve in some way by asking them to take the next step from being a “guest” to being a “host”.
  3. Read Acts 12:1-17. What do we learn about prayer in this passage?
  4. What are some practical ways you can be more prayerfully dependent?
  5. What characteristics do we learn about the Church that has a missionary purpose in Acts 13-14?
  6. Spend some time praying for Imprint Church, our church plant launch team, and for more disciples to be developed to serve at Imprint Woodinville.