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This week we continue or new series at Imprint Church called Witness.

It’s a study of the book of Acts. This week we look at chapter 2.

Watch this sermon from Imprint Church in Woodinville on Acts 2.


Discussion Questions

  1. Pray and then read Acts 2 out loud together.
  2. Talk about what happened in the birth of the church and why Peter’s sermon was so powerful and effective.
  3. What do we learn about the work of the Holy Spirit in and through the church in Acts 2?
  4. Spend some time talking about what it looks like when you are really being led and empowered by the Holy Spirit?
  5. In our Witness series we have said that “the church is the unbroken chain of witnesses of the grace of Jesus Christ through the ages.” Talk about how you can be a witness, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and appeal to unbelievers with logic (logos), credibility (ethos), and emotion (pathos)?
  6. Spend some time praying that God would give you opportunities to be a witness.