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This week we conclude or series at Imprint Church called Witness.

It’s a study of the book of Acts. This week we look at chapter 26.

Watch this sermon from Imprint Church in Woodinville on Acts 26.


Discussion Questions

  1. Either recap or read Acts 25:13-26:29 as a group.
  2. What does it mean to say that God is sovereign? How have you experienced the sovereignty of God in your life? Do you have a specific story about this to share?
  3. How would you describe Paul’s attitude toward Festus, Agrippa, and their entourage? What should characterize our attitude towards unchurched people, even those persecuting us?
  4. Are Christians called to “defend” their faith? When is it necessary to do so and how can you do it well?
  5. Read Acts 28:30-31 out loud. How does the Bible describe Paul’s attitude as he lived in the city (Rome) that God called him to live in? What do we learn from this?
  6. What are 1-2 things you’ve learned from our Acts series Witness, and how will you apply them to your life going forward?