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Behold Sermon Series

The word “Behold” shows up more than 1000 times in Scripture. Most of the time we just gloss over it because it’s so frequent. However, it’s a demonstrative word that means “Pay attention!” or “Pause!” Most of all it means, “Don’t miss this!” And usually what follows is really important.

In December of 2015 we looked at four instances where this word shows up: Isaiah 42 & 43, Matthew 1, Luke 2, and 2 Corinthians 5. Believe it or not, these portions of scripture tell us all about the hope of Christmas!  Behold with us the true story of the work of God in our world.

Dec 13   Isaiah 43 — Behold! I Am Doing A New Thing

Dec 20   Matthew 1 — Behold! The Virgin Shall Conceive

Dec 23   Christmas Eve Eve – Luke 2 — Behold! I Bring You Good News Of Great Joy

Dec 27   2 Corinthians 5 — Behold! The New Has Come