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What if faith in Christ was actually meant to disrupt your life on a regular basis – to give you that feeling of disorientation?!

In this sermon from Imprint Church in Woodinville, you’ll learn about three biblical ways to handle trials in life as outlined in James 1:

  1. Ask God for Wisdom
  2. Be grateful
  3. Don’t fall into the easy trap of sin

Sermon Recording

Download an audio podcast of this week’s sermon on James 1 and facing trials in life or watch the video recording below.

Discussion Questions

Every week members of Imprint Church meet in homes around Woodinville, Redmond, and Kirkland to talk through our weekly sermon and live life together!  Here are this week’s questions.

  1. Read James 1:1-18.
  2. Who was James and what do we know about him? How did he describe himself and why is it important to start out his letter in this way?
  3. What “disruptive” idea(s) shows up in James 1?
  4. What is a trial or a test of our faith (you also may want to discuss what is not a trial, but may be confused for a trial)? How do we rejoice in a testing of our faith? Are you facing any trials right now and how are you handing them?
  5. What is wholeness (James 1:4 “perfect and complete”) and how do we attain it? How has God used trials in your life to help you work towards that?
  6. How can we gain wisdom from God in the midst of trials (James 1:5-8)?
  7. How do you keep an attitude of gratitude in the midst of trials (James 1:9-11)?
  8. How do you stay away from the easy path to sin in the midst of trials (James 1:12-18)?

Pray for each other – especially those who are facing real trials right now.