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We were pleased to welcome guest Pastor Larry Mark to Imprint Church in Woodinville this week. Larry is the pastor of New Freedom Christian Community in Renton, WA.

Pastor Larry spoke to Imprint Church about the challenges of church planting and how those challenges can relate to our personal lives. The five key points he talked through were:

  1. Church planting reveals our deepest need and our greatest hindrance. A desperation for God and our pride.
  2. Church planting clarifies discipleship. The essence of discipleship is simply obeying Jesus.
  3. The challenge of church planting is to keep God’s priorities in our relationships.
  4. Church planting is about being the community and living out the gospel.
  5. Church planting reminds us that our lives are not our own.


Listen to the audio podcast of our sermon or watch the video version below.

Generosity Group Questions

Here are this week’s discussion questions for our small Christian community groups meeting around Bothell, Redmond, and Kirkland this week.

  1. What as being a part of a new church revealed to you about your need for God and your neediness for his grace?
  2. What has God been saying to you lately? What do you want to do about it?
  3. Do you have people in your life that know your struggles? If not, how can you go about finding them?
  4. Who is God drawing me to in our spiritual community for deeper friendship?
  5. Who are those ‘persons of peace’ God has put in my life? (they like you personally and are also spiritually hungry – Luke 10:6) How can we share our friends with others in this spiritual community?

Next Sunday at Imprint Church in Woodinville: 1 John 1:1-14 – Beginnings