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Sermon series on the book of Exodus by Imprint Church in Woodinville, Wa.  Taught in 2014 and 2015.

Exodus Sermon Series at Imprint Church in WoodinvilleThere are two not as well known things about the second book of the Bible that you should know. The first is that Exodus literally means “the way out.” The second is that it actually starts with the word “And.” You won’t see it in English, but it’s there in the Hebrew. If you think carefully about these things, it reveals something about the book that is really helpful for our own lives.

The story is not over. Everything that has happened in your life is something that the Lord can and will use to build you, and is a continuation of the journey that you’re on. But it also tells us that there’s something more than just what is happening right now and what has happened in the past. The Lord is offering a new way – sometimes even a way out – to each and every one of us. This means you don’t have to disregard your past or even get stuck in the past. You can trust that the Lord is bringing you on a journey for His glory and your good, and He can bring new life to you even in your most desperate times. Join us at Imprint Church this Fall and Winter as we journey with the Israelites on the road to new life. We will find out that it doesn’t just end with their history, but continues on to our story of redemption and new life through Jesus Christ. 

Exodus Sermon Recordings

Oct 19   Exodus 1-2: The Road to New Life

Oct 26   Church cancelled due to power outage

Nov 02   Exodus 3

Nov 09   Exodus 4

Nov 16   Sermon on Fear

Nov 23   Where is God Right Now? (Exodus 6)

Nov 30   Exodus 7-12

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Dec 14   Advent Conspiracy: Worship Fully

Dec 21   Advent Conspiracy: Love All

Dec 23   Christmas Eve Eve Service

Dec 28   Jesus Our King and Savior (Nathan Riley)

Jan 04   Exodus 13-14

Jan 11   Exodus 15

Jan 18   Exodus 16-17

Jan 25   Exodus 19

Feb 01  Exodus 20-23

Feb 08  Exodus 24:25:9

Feb 15  Ephesians 1:3-14 by Steve Mount

Feb 22  Exodus 25-31

Mar 01  Exodus 32-34

Mar 08   Exodus 35-39 by Pen Cook

Mar 15   Exodus 39-40