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This week we continue our series at Imprint Church called Light in a Land of Darkness.

It’s a study of the book of Isaiah. This week we look at chapters 11-12.

Watch this sermon from Imprint Church in Woodinville on Isaiah 11-12.


Discussion Questions

  1. Pray God’s Spirit would open your eyes and heart to receive and apply the truths of his word.
  1. Tell of a time in your life when you experienced homesickness. What were you longing for?
  1. Read Genesis 1:28-29; 2:15-16. In what ways was the original creation our perfect home?
  1. Read aloud Isaiah 11:1-9. In what ways will the restored creation be the perfect home for God’s people again?
  1. What painful realities in this life make you feel like an exile longing for your true home in God’s presence?
  1. Read aloud Isaiah 12:1-6. Share how God has shown you grace and why that grace naturally triggers gratitude and praise in your heart.
  1. What can you do this week to stir your heart to cling to the promise that you will one day be finally home in the midst of “the Holy One of Israel”(12:6)?