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This week at Imprint Church in Woodinville, we look at the story of Palm Sunday – the day the Church remembers Jesus’ specific entry into Jerusalem.

There is something interesting about people: we like to celebrate milestones and we intrinsically know that ceremonies are important for people. Whether it’s simply retirement or birthdays or anniversaries, we have a pomp and circumstance for the special events in our lives that carry meaning such as milestone birthdays like the sweet 16, turning 18 or 21. Your workplace may have gifts or recognition for making the 5, 10, or 20-year mark. We like to celebrate people for various things, especially important people. It’s always been a part of human nature.

Because Jesus comes into Jerusalem riding on a colt and many people gave Jesus this ceremonial entry where they laid their cloaks on the ground and waved tree branches around and sang, etc. It seems to be a pretty big deal…

There are three questions to wrestle with in today’s message:
1. What type of person are you – meet Jesus in the street to worship, or ignore Him?
2. Are you bearing fruit?
3. What are your expectations about Jesus?


Sermon Recording

To hear the full sermon recording from July 26, 2016 at Imprint Church in Woodinville you can download the audio podcast or watch the Mark 11:1-26 sermon video below.


Discussion Questions


  1. What are some of the best celebrations or ceremonies you’ve ever attended? Why were these so good? Have you ever seen someone get honored in a really cool or unique way? What was that like?
  2. Read Mark 11:1-26 Talk about what you observe and some of the implications from the passage.
  3. What are the types of people we see in Mark 11:1-26?
  4. What is the significance about Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem?
  5. Why did Jesus curse the fig tree and cleanse the Temple after His triumphal entry into Jerusalem? What was significant about the Temple in Jerusalem?
  6. Why is Jesus angry in this chapter? What does this tell you about Him?
  7. Why does Jesus talk about prayer, faith, and forgiveness in Mark 11:20-25? What are some of the lessons in Mark 11 about our King Jesus and the Kingdom He is establishing in his rule and reign?