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Kingdom Manifesto

Kingdom Manifesto Invite_webWhen Jesus Christ was in His ministry years on earth, He spent His time proclaiming good news to all people. And this good news that Jesus proclaimed seemed to always encompass one huge theme: The Kingdom of God. It’s like Jesus had a vision of a world and Kingdom that was unlike the one he was living in, yet also could be, had been, and will be brought into the present world in a powerful way. Sound confusing? Well, He told us all about it his famous Sermon On The Mount in Matthew 5-7. Some of the things that He said are revolutionary to the way we live our lives. Some things seem impossible. And other things seem too good to be true. What if His message of the Good News of a Kingdom that had come, is coming, and will come is something that will compel us be His followers and disciples, and show us a practical plan to live Christ-like lives in the present age and the age to come? This is the point of Jesus’ Kingdom Manifesto. Join us at Imprint Church May 8-July 17, 2016 as we look at this famous sermon together.

Sermons From This Series:


May 08  Matthew 5:1-12: The Beatitudes

May 15  Matthew 5:13-16: Salt & Light (Africa New Life Dream Sunday)

May 22  Guest Speaker Jake Goetze

May 29  Matthew 5:17-48: You Have Heard It Was Said

June 05 Matthew 6:1-4: When You Give

June 12 Matthew 6:5-15: When You Pray

June 19 Mathew 6:16-18: When You Fast

June 26 Matthew 6:19-24: When You Serve

July 03  Matthew 6:25-34: When You Worry

July 10  Matthew 7:1-12: When You Judge

July 17  Matthew 7:13-29: A New Authority