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This week we begin our new series at Imprint Church called Vital Signs.

We look at knowing Jesus through the Scripture and examining those things to check our “pulse” to be a healthy church.

Watch this sermon from Imprint Church in Woodinville.


Discussion Questions

  1. Take some time to describe how you’ve viewed the Bible in your life. Do you relate to any of the models that were given (flannel graph, motivational poster, car manual)? What’s been the most helpful perspective you’ve had?
  2. Can you name a specific time in your life when Scripture caused your heart to “burn within you”? Share how the Bible was brought to life in that moment.
  3. What are some obstacles that keep you from reading the Bible with joy and excitement?
  4. What does it practically mean to have a “Jesus lens” when reading the Bible? What would that actually look like?
  5. How can we share the same kind of Christ-centered life that marked the disciples’ lives?
  6. Take time to pray that Jesus would reveal Himself to us in our doubting and discouragement through His Word.