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There are 3 places that the book of Malachi tells us to pay attention to in our lives in Christ: Faith, Family, and Finances.

We’ll find that we are in the same boat the Israelites were many years ago (~460 years before Christ). They had experienced the Lord who had been working in their lives, but they didn’t keep acknowledging His kingship each and every day. As a result, they didn’t become what they could have!

Here’s the funny thing: The people blamed God when in reality their issues were in great part a result of their own sinfulness—corrupt priests, marriage to pagans, failure to tithe, not keeping the Sabbath, marital unfaithfulness, mistreatment of the weak, and perjury are some of the major themes of Malachi. And Malachi’s prophecy includes a rebuke for the people’s sinful actions and attitudes while at the same time assuring Israel of God’s love. In fact, a big theme of Malachi is stated clearly in the opening of the book, namely, God’s love for his people Israel.

Malachi Sermon Recording

Watch this recording on the book of Malachi from Imprint Church in Woodinville in the viewer below or download the audio podcast to take with you on the go.

Generosity Group Questions

Here are this week’s discussion questions on Malachi for our small Christian communities on Seattle’s Eastside.

  1. Read Malachi. Highlight some of the themes and ideas that stood out to you as you read it.
  2. There’s some intense language about who God loves and hates in the first chapter of Malachi (it’s also quoted by Paul in Romans 9). What is this all about?
  3. Are there areas of your life where you have found yourself slowly drifting away from the way God desires you to live? Does Malachi speak to any of these areas?
  4. Malachi reminds his readers of the covenants God made with his people throughout history. What does he say about the covenants and the way the people were fulfilling their agreements with the Lord?
  5. There seem to be three big (general) areas that Malachi points out where people have been failing to honor the Lord: (1) their faith, (2) their families, and (3) their finances. What is God saying through Malachi about each of these areas?
  6. Why does God want to be “feared?” What does that mean? Why does the Lord deserve honor? What are some practical ways you can fear and honor the Lord (Malachi 3:16) in your faith, your family life, and/or your finances?
  7. Why does God want us to give Him our first fruits and what does that mean? Why is money so important to God?
  8. What does God say about divorce in this passage? In the context of Malachi’s message, why is divorce singled out? Divorce is not an unforgivable sin. How can we find wholeness again if we’ve experience divorce? How can we show love as a community of Christ to those who have experienced divorce?
  9. How does the last part of Malachi (Malachi 3:16-4:6) change the tone of the message? What is the conclusion (Malachi 4:4-6)? What hope does Malachi end with, and to who is it pointing to? What is the new and better covenant that Christ established when He came to earth?