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On March 03 at Imprint Church in Woodinville, we continued our sermon series on the book of Galatians that is looking at the different “Freedom Statements” that Paul unlocks in his writings to the early church.  As a recap, the freedom statements from the first three weeks in this sermon series were:

Freedom Statement #1: We are saved by grace and we must continually live by grace
Freedom Statement #2: In Christ, my past does not define my present or my future
Freedom Statement #3: The key to the Christian life is faith

This week, we studied Galatians 3:10-27 to introduce our fourth freedom statement, Baptism is the symbol of new life in Christ. Paul tells us in Galatians that we need to understand the purpose of the law and it in a way that leads to new life.  The passage was broken down into three areas, and the accompanying time (00:00) in the recording is listed below for quick reference:

  • What is the purpose of the Law (16:00)
    • To reveal the character of God and his perfection  (16:30)
    • To show us that we cannot earn back our relationship with God because of sin (19:52)
    • To lead us to Jesus  (22:43)
  • Legalism (27:01)
    • Legalism is a type of spiritual slavery that exists in people who believe that there are rules or traditions to follow that are important to make yourself more acceptable to God (27:14)
    • We don’t start keeping the law to make ourselves savable  (28:57)
    • We don’t add to the gospel in order to make it more difficult to be saved (30:56)
    • We do our best to be a part of the culture without sinning in the culture (32:52)
  • New Life (35:39)
    • We don’t only progress by making the right decisions, we also progress by responding appropriately to the wrong ones (36:27)
    • Baptism is the symbol of new life in Christ (41:04)

Scroll down the page to find the recorded sermon so you can learn more about these important ideas from Galatians 3:10-27.

Generosity Group Questions

  1. Read Galatians 3:10-27
  2. Why do people need to know God is a God who has laws before they can understand why Jesus’ death is good news? According to chapter 3, what is was the purpose of the law?
  3. Why is Abraham referred to in Galatians 3:6-14 and what does he represent? What does the life of Abraham and God’s covenant with Abraham (3:6-18) tell us about the relationship between the law & faith?
  4. We can be easily tempted to believe and act like Christianity is about living life by certain rules. When are you most tempted to look to your own efforts to make yourself acceptable to God? What will you do this week to cultivate a heart that responds to new life in Christ instead of following rules-based religiosity?
  5. Do you obey God to earn His blessing or because you love God? Does God bless you because you have been obedient or because He is good?
  6. What is legalism? How can we identify legalism in our own hearts and actions? How can we combat legalism in our lives and in our church?
  7. Last week we heard about the concept of “rehearsing the Gospel daily.” Have you been doing on this? What difference has it made for you? What is the importance of the gospel to everyday Christian life?


Use the time stamps above to learn more about how the law fits into your Christian walk by listening to the sermon podcast or watching the video recording on YouTube.