The Gospel of Mark is named wrong!

KingdomHowever, we don’t need to start a movement to try to rename it. We just need to recognize that when it comes to definitions, it should actually be called The Gospel Of Jesus Christ. Why? Because “gospel” simply means “good news.” And when it comes down to it, this story written by Mark is really good news —it’s really good news about Jesus!

In 2015 Imprint Church dove into the shortest, yet possibly the clearest and most thematically rich, of the gospel accounts. We saw how Mark sets up the story he tells about Jesus to reveal to his readers that Jesus is the King, and He has a Kingdom that He is building in and through his followers. We’re certain you will experience God’s calling on your life to humbly submit and follow King Jesus into whatever He calls you to!

Sermon Recordings from this Series

Apr 19   Mark 1:1-15

Apr 26   Mark 1:16-45

May 03  Mark 2

May 10  Mark 3

May 17  Mark 4:1-34

May 24  Mark 4:35-5:20

May 31  Mark 5:21-6:6

June 14   Mark 6:30-52

June 21   Mark 7:1-23

June 28  Why Does God Allow Suffering?

July 05  Mark 8:27-38

July 12   Mark 9:2-50 (Pen Cook preaching)

July 19   Mark 10 (Steve Mount preaching

July 26   Mark 11:1-26

Aug 2   Mark 11:27-12:27

Aug 9   Mark 13

Aug 16   Mark 4:21-25 (Todd Arrambide preaching)

Aug 22   Mark 14:1-26

Aug 30   Mark 14:27-72

Sep 06   Mark 15 and 16