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To understand Mark 9:2-32 and story of the transfiguration of Jesus, you need to accept that the world is not concrete be open to the supernatural powers of God.

This week at Imprint Church in Woodinville, we heard a great sermon by Penn Cook on the transfiguration of Jesus in Mark 9:2-32.  In this story, God displays his splendor to Peter, James, and John as they climb high up on the mountain with Jesus.

The key points in this sermon on the transfiguration were:

  1. We have a chance to see God’s glory in our own lives.
  2. When we see His glory, we have an obligation to share it with others.

Look for that place in your own life where God has revealed his glory and be sure to tell others all about it!

Sermon Recording

To listen to the transfiguration sermon, download the audio podcast or watch the YouTube video below.

Discussion Questions

Imprint Church has small groups that meet weekly in Woodinville, Bothell, Kirkland, and Redmond.  Here are the discussion questions for our small groups and for anyone else who would like to use them.

  1. Has there ever been an event or circumstance in your life where God revealed His Glory to you? Explain.
  2. In what ways does God reveal his glory to you each day? How do you respond?
  3. Why does Scripture so often juxtapose God’s glory with our depravity? Why is this important for the follower of Christ to remember?
  4. Are there areas in your life where you find it hard to believe? What are they?
  5. What role does prayer play in your life?
  6. How does prayer help us live in light of God’s glory despite our depravity and unbelief?
  7. In what ways does prayer help us believe?
  8. Why is it important for the believer to be reminded of the important of the cross? In what ways is the cross the intersection of God’s glory and our depravity?