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Undiscovered Image ideaUndiscovered… The Parts of the Bible You’ve Never Read!

In this 2013/2014 sermon series, studied what bible teachers call the “Minor Prophets”. This wasn’t because they were unimportant, or because they only had minor things to say to us, but rather because they are short in length. The minor prophets make up the last 12 books in the Old Testament.

These books have mystery, intrigue, scandal, plot twist, and more! We talked about why prophets do such weird things. What does the downfall of an ancient civilization have to do with our lives? And why is there so much judgment in their messages?

Join us as we unlock the messages in the minor prophets and look at how they relate to our lives today.

Sermon Recordings on the Minor Prophets

Nov 10  Deuteronomy 28-30 – What is Repentance?

Nov 17  Hosea 1-3

Nov 24  Hosea 11-14

Dec 01  Joel 2:28-3:21

Dec 08  Amos 1-2

Dec 15  Isaiah 7 & 9

Dec 22  Micah 5 & Matthew 1-2

Dec 29  Guest Preacher – Nathan Riley

Jan 05  Guest Preacher – Kyle Reynolds

Jan 12  Micah

Jan 19  Jonah 1-2

Jan 26  Jonah 3-4

Feb 02  Nahum 1-3

Feb 09  Habakkuk 1-3

Feb 16  Created in the Image of God (by Steve Mount)

Feb 23  Africa New Life Ministries

Mar 02  Obadiah

Mar 09  Zephaniah

Mar 16  Haggai

Mar 23  Zechariah, Part 1

Mar 30  Malachi

Apr 06  The Major Message of the Minor Prophets