What is Imprint Kids all about?

JN_Imprint_KidsImprint kids are encouraged to be grateful and generous disciples of Jesus Christ in their community and world. Our goal is to teach our children that we serve a God who loves them and can make a difference in their lives. We want to give your child the tools he/she needs to live a grateful and generous life inside and outside of church.

Where will my kid go?

NURSERY (Newborn-Walking)
Our nursery room is for our littlest learners. This room is equipped with loving, caring teachers who are ready to care for your baby while you attend our gatherings. You will also receive a courteous “What I did today” daily sheet.

Toddler (Walking-24 Months)

Toddlers are all about exploring and having fun. In our toddler room, they will begin our Gospel Light curriculum. Our toddlers spend the morning playing, singing, creating a craft and learning about a different Bible story each month. This sets the foundation for what they will be learning as they grow in Imprint Beginnings.

Preschool (2-3.5 Year Olds)

Preschool is focused on taking the foundation the children gained in our toddler room and creating a larger learning experience. The 3 focal points of our curriculum are (1) God Made Me, (2) God Loves Me, and (3) Jesus Wants to Be My Forever Friend. This initial preschool room has age appropriate activities, worship, Bible stories, crafts and a monthly memory verse. We believe that even our smallest kiddos can discover great biblical truths while having fun.

Pre-Kindergarten (3.5-5 Year Olds)

Our final Pre-Kindergarten room uses the same Preschool curriculum, but we have expanded their worship time. The focus is still on (1) God Made Me, (2) God Loves Me, and (3) Jesus Wants to Be My Forever Friend. This room has age appropriate games, worship, Bible stories, crafts, memory verses and we begin small group prayer time. Our sweet pre-kindergarteners love the bright room and fun environment that makes church fun and relationships easy. Build faith in God’s Word and creating trustworthy relationships in the age group is beneficial to spiritual growth and development.

ELEMENTARY (5 Year Olds-5th Grade)

Our elementary aged kids will enjoy our fun-filled classroom where they will journey through the Bible with the Gospel Project in large and small groups. They will learn foundational biblical knowledge as they discover who Jesus is and that He is the ultimate hero from Genesis to Revelation. Each week they will encounter new Bible stories, worship, memory verses, games and crafts that relate to the Bible stories. Small group time is also a key component to growth with this age group. During this class, we strive to increase your child’s knowledge of the Bible and how it relates to their lives, so that they can begin developing a relationship with Jesus. We also prepare your kids for the transition from Imprint Kids into Imprint’s Student Ministry.


We are very excited to welcome you to Imprint Kids and look forward to seeing you soon!


To get more information or ask any questions, email our Kid Leads:

Beginnings (0-5 Years) Lead: Sara Lennerblom – sara@imprintchurch.org

Elementary (K-5th) Lead: Charissa Ytreeide – charissa@imprintchurch.org