Imprint Church exists to make GRATEFUL and GENEROUS disciples through the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.

We envision a movement of people who love Jesus and who are known more for their generosity and gratefulness in Christ than anything else. We want to be a part of helping the gospel transform people’s lives and start a movement of planting churches with these distinctions all over the Northwest to transform our communities and our world.

The Mission at Imprint Church

We want to be distinct and intentional in our approach to reaching people, so our ministry will be based on these four core values.

1. The Gospel

God’s plan is to save individuals, gather them together as one people and sends them out into the world on one mission. This vision of the gospel transforms everything about church ministry. It means that we’re compelled by the good news of the gracious work of Jesus in his life, death and resurrection. It also means that we are working with Christ to restore His creation back to its original order. This is why we are concerned with both lives-changed and social justice issues; because we know that God’s purpose is to redeem individuals who will live together, forever in a restored creation.

2. The Bible

The Bible is our authority for all things. We do not consider the Bible simply a book of rules, nor is it just a book of literature. The Bible both describes and prescribes life in Christ for all people. At Imprint Church, we consider ourselves a people “of the book.” We will unashamedly preach, teach and obey the Bible, and plead with others to do the same. We derive our ministry plans from the Bible and try our best to follow the biblical vision of the church in things like worship, teaching & preaching, prayer, communion & baptism, and fellowship.

3. The Community

God loves community. He designed us to live in community and build our communities together. We are called to reflect His love for our communities by valuing, caring for, and engaging in them. We believe that the church is people, not an institution, and we want to teach our people how to live in their communities—working in their individual callings for its good and the movement of the gospel into people’s hearts.

4. The World

We want to be known as a distinct community for the world that is known for its generosity and gratitude. This attitude and the actions that follow—by God’s grace—will impact the world. We are a community on mission, sharing with the world the new reality of life in Christ anywhere we can.


Imprint Church Lead Team



Ben Acone

Students and Families


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Jenny Bossio




Darren Larson

Lead Pastor


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Justin Cutsinger

Worship and Communications


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Kim Ytreeide




Charissa Ytreeide




Sara Lennerblom




Tom Regan

Church Planting Pastor


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