Imprint Church exists to make GRATEFUL and GENEROUS disciples through the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.

We envision a movement of people who love Jesus and who are known more for their generosity and gratefulness in Christ than anything else. We want to be a part of helping the gospel transform people’s lives and start a movement of planting churches with these distinctions all over the Northwest to transform our communities and our world.

The Mission at Imprint Church

We want to be distinct and intentional in our approach to reaching people, so our ministry will be based on these four core values.

1. The Gospel

God’s plan is to save individuals, gather them together as one people and sends them out into the world on one mission. This vision of the gospel transforms everything about church ministry. It means that we’re compelled by the good news of the gracious work of Jesus in his life, death and resurrection. It also means that we are working with Christ to restore His creation back to its original order. This is why we are concerned with both lives-changed and social justice issues; because we know that God’s purpose is to redeem individuals who will live together, forever in a restored creation.

2. The Bible

The Bible is our authority for all things. We do not consider the Bible simply a book of rules, nor is it just a book of literature. The Bible both describes and prescribes life in Christ for all people. At Imprint Church, we consider ourselves a people “of the book.” We will unashamedly preach, teach and obey the Bible, and plead with others to do the same. We derive our ministry plans from the Bible and try our best to follow the biblical vision of the church in things like worship, teaching & preaching, prayer, communion & baptism, and fellowship.

3. The Community

God loves community. He designed us to live in community and build our communities together. We are called to reflect His love for our communities by valuing, caring for, and engaging in them. We believe that the church is people, not an institution, and we want to teach our people how to live in their communities—working in their individual callings for its good and the movement of the gospel into people’s hearts.

4. The World

We want to be known as a distinct community for the world that is known for its generosity and gratitude. This attitude and the actions that follow—by God’s grace—will impact the world. We are a community on mission, sharing with the world the new reality of life in Christ anywhere we can.


Imprint Church Lead Team

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Ben Acone

Ben Acone

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Ben is the Youth and Family Lead at Imprint Church. He and Karaline have been married for just over a year and now have a really cute baby girl. Ben grew up in Bellevue and still considers Crossroads Mall to be the apex of both cuisine and entertainment. Throughout his high school and college years, he was involved in youth ministry leadership at a nearby church, where he met Karaline on a bus ride to summer camp. Ben felt called to youth ministry in those years and is passionate about sharing the unconditional grace and love of God with students. He graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. Ben loves holding his daughter Posy, laughing with his wife, and playing basketball and jazz piano.


Jenny Bossio

Jenny Bossio


Jenny is the Admin Lead at Imprint Church.  Her family consists of an amazing husband  and 2 wonderful daughters.  She has lived on the Eastside for over 24 years and brings  with her many years of volunteer experience both in the church and in the community.  She has worked in a variety of financial jobs and also has bookkeeping experience with  another small church.  Although she loves the financial field, she also has a passion for  serving others.  She currently teaches ESL to adults and also volunteers with children of  migrant workers in Mt Vernon during the summer.  The unconditional love that God has  shown her has been a transforming force in her life.

Darren LarsonDarren Larson

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Darren is the church planting pastor of Imprint Church. A Washington native, he grew up in Port Orchard, and started following Jesus in high school. After high school he lived overseas in Australia for a couple years before moving back to Portland, OR to attend Multnomah University. While at Multnomah, Darren met his wife Kelly, and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Bible & Education. During his years in Portland, Darren was involved in a church plant called River West Church in Lake Oswego, and served in many ways including being the youth and associate pastor there for several years. It was during his time at River West that he felt called to church planting. To prepare further for this, he went to Wheaton College Graduate School to complete a Master’s in Biblical Exegesis. After this, he once again returned to the NW to serve as the pastor of a church in Seattle, and then began to pursue church planting through Northshore Baptist Church in Kirkland, WA in 2010. Darren and Kelly have now been married for 16 years, and have two children, Bethany and Zachary.

Sara LennerblomSara Lennerblom


Sara, a wife and mother of three beautiful girls in Bothell, left the world of teaching and dental assisting to serve in Children’s Ministry. Her passion for Jesus and the next generation are foundational to all she does. Her perspectives stem from a unique mix of leading, teaching, parenting, administrative knowledge and a deep desire to love and serve Jesus well. She loves kids and is passionate about helping families and teachers be successful in drawing kids to Jesus and leading them in a growing, life-long relationship with Him.

Tom Regan

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Tom is the Multiplication Lead at Imprint Church. He and Lindsay have been married for 11 years and have three daughters. Tom grew up in an Air Force family, living in different places and traveling the world. He began following Jesus in college at Willamette University in Salem, OR, where he met Lindsay. After graduation he served in campus ministry at Willamette, then as a pastor in two churches prior to coming to Imprint Church to serve as a church planter. He received his Master’s degree in biblical and theological studies from Western Seminary and his passion is preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. Tom also enjoys playing guitar, drinking coca-cola, stumbling upon funny YouTube videos and showing them to friends, and, most of all, spending time with Lindsay and his three girls.


Laurie Ukrainetz


Laurie is the Prayer Lead at Imprint Church. She grew up in a Christian home, as a pastor’s daughter, and has loved Jesus for as long as she can remember. Laurie loves His church, the amazing family of God, and has a deep and enduring desire to see the people of God living in daily communion with Him. Laurie married the man of her dreams, Nathan, over 20 years ago. Since then they have been blessed with 3 fantastic kids. She considers it one of the greatest joys of her life that she gets to be mom. Laurie has held a variety of ministry positions through the years in churches and para-church organizations. She has a BA in Religious Studies and almost a BA in Sociology! Prayer Ministry is the next awesome adventure the Lord has laid before her and she anticipates it with joy.