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Are your things possessing you or are you possessing them?

In this sermon from Imprint Church in Woodinville, we look at what James 4:1-12 has to say on the subject of “worldliness”.

When we talk about worldliness, that can mean many different things. Living a life of consumerism, giving in to certain ideals, morals or values that the world may hold that are contrary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Living in the world and being of the world, partaking in the things of this world in a way that is unhealthy can easily become idolotary.

So, what is the warning that James has for us in his letter? He warns us that if we are friends with the world, we are hostile toward God. We are at enmity with God. We are like the valuable soldier that sneaks into the enemies camp and changes sides. These are harsh words from James, written to Christians, calling them to repentance and to live a life seeking God, seeking His kingdom, for His glory and for our good.

Sermon Recording on James 4:1-12

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