Who We Are

Making and multiplying grateful and generous disciples through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We envision a movement of people who love Jesus and are known more for their gratitude and generosity in Christ than anything else. We want to be part of the gospel’s transforming work in people’s lives, our community, and our world.

Defining Church Health

We’re committed to being a healthy church body, as defined by the Bible. The following list of health qualities is not exhaustive, and we don’t believe there’s only one way to express these. But the following represents our core convictions about what it means for us to be a healthy church.



The foundation and focus of all church life is the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection and the eternal life that comes through him alone.



The Bible is God’s authoritative, powerful, life-transforming word to humanity. Its focal point is the good news of Jesus. In our Sunday gatherings, we typically preach through books of the Bible, always proclaiming Jesus.



Christian worship is not something confined to a religious event but is to be an all-encompassing mindset and lifestyle. This means responding to the Lord with total devotion from one’s life, in gratitude for God’s kindness through Jesus, and rejoicing in the Lord, his salvation, and unending goodness.



Every believer in Jesus is unified in one “body”—the church—and each has a Spirit-given gift to develop other disciples and glorify God by building the body. Because we belong to one body, we call everyone to be builders, not merely bystanders.



As human bodies are powerless without food to fuel them, we are powerless to faithfully follow Jesus apart from the empowerment of his Spirit. So we live in prayerful dependence.



We follow the way of Jesus, who came not to be served but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many. Motivated by gratitude for the gospel, we gladly give our time, money, and effort to the things God cares about. The result is a life of generously serving others.



The good news and life-saving power of Jesus spreads and makes new disciples not merely through inviting people to “church.” It happens when followers of Jesus have compassion for those who don’t know him yet and a passion to make him known, and therefore boldly take opportunities to verbally share the gospel.



Love is the heartfelt commitment to another person’s good and is the preeminent mark of Christlikeness. Therefore we want our individual lives and our church community to embody genuine love and affection for God and one another.