Where in the world is Anna Huebner?


Posted on: June 27, 2017

Imprint’s own Anna Huebner is recently ministered in Rwanda, an area that we as Imprint Church support in many different ways. Her journey started about two weeks ago. If you missed Anna’s story of how this all came to be, you can check it out the blog post here.



“Join us in praying for Anna, as she prepares to depart for her second trip to Rwanda on Saturday. Pray for her personal spiritual preparation, for the team she’ll be ministering with, and for her to stay healthy.”



“Anna made it to Rwanda and had a busy first day. The team met with Johnson (the school superintendent, pictured here) and with some Rwandan educators. “A teacher is a pastor who has a congregation every morning,” Johnson said. They also toured the new Kigali sponsorship offices, where it looks like children were getting fitted with uniforms.”



“Anna got to visit Wilson and his family today. Two of his siblings are also attending Kibenga Primary School this year.”



“Teachers Conference Day 1 – Anna reports it’s going great so far!”



“Anna got to help the worship team in rehearsal for Sunday morning”



“Anna went to a Primary School today”



“With one of the secondary school students”



“Keep praying for Anna as she spends her last few days in Rwanda”



For the full story of Anna’s trip, check out @ICRwanda on Instagram!