Helping The Homeless One Move At A Time


Posted on: February 4, 2017

Did you know there is a mobile homeless camp with 15 residents right here in our backyard? Imprint Church member Karen Tidball brought her passion for volunteering with Camp Unity and was the driving force getting members of our church out in the rain for the camp’s most recent move! Camp Unity provides a safe community for homeless men and women on Seattle’s Eastside. This camp needs to move locations every three months, usually from one church parking lot to another.

Imprint Church was happy to have the opportunity to work with Camp Unity. On February 4th, the camp moved from Kirkland Congregational Church to St. Jude Catholic Church in Redmond.

Over the course of the weekend, volunteers and camp residents worked together on a number of projects. We dismantled and cleaned the existing campsite, moved the equipment to the new site, and built the new camp. It is a truly collaborative effort that requires many hands to get done.

Here are some photographs from the event that we think you’ll enjoy!

Coffee at Camp Unity

Naturally, coffee was a top priority on this cold and rainy morning! Here is Imprint’s version of the mobile espresso cart at Camp Unity.

Volunteers and camp residents partnered to build out the privacy fence. Driving in those fence posts definitely required a team effort.

Tent Platforms for Camp Unity

Since staying dry on elevated tent platforms is a top priority, volunteers work to create a level surface. Using plywood risers, shipping palettes, and boards, this paltform will keep the residents warm and comfortable in the wet months ahead.

St Jude Church Camp Unity

The lawn behind St. Jude Catholic Church in Redmond is the site for Camp Unity for February through May in 2017. In this photo you can see the elevated tent platforms being built and the mobile shower unit for the residents in the far background.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve on Seattle’s eastside. Thank you to everyone from Imprint Church who turned out at this event and we look forward to serving with you on this project again in three months.

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