Dive Into Isaiah With These Helpful Resources!


Posted on: May 4, 2017

We’re in a series called, “Light in a Land of Darkness: A Study of Isaiah.” The book of Isaiah is so rich and full of symbolism; it’s part history, poetry, prophecy and more, all rolled into one book spanning generations! There’s no way we could possibly glean everything it has to offer from listening to sermons on a Sunday morning (no matter how well researched and eloquent Darren and Tom’s sermons are.)

The good news is, you don’t have to be a pastor or a theologian to dig into God’s word. We know that God’s word is profitable for teaching and training in righteousness so that we may be complete and equipped for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16-17.) While it may take discipline to sit with the weight of some of these texts, it is not out of reach for anyone willing to make an effort to study God’s word!

We’ve gathered wonderful resources for anyone looking to better understand Isaiah. There is something here for every level of interest!

For starters, The Bible Project has put out several great videos on the book of Isaiah. These videos explain the context, set up the literary structure, and summarize the main events. Take a few minutes to watch the first video right now:






For those willing to invest some time in additional study, we present:

Darren’s Top 4 Study Books On Isaiah


1. God Saves Sinners by Ray Ortland
In this accessible commentary on the book of Isaiah, Raymond C. Ortlund Jr. argues that Isaiah imparts a single vision of God throughout all sixty-six chapters. It is a unified, woven whole that ultimately shows that God saves sinners2. The NIV Application Commentary On Isaiah by John Oswalt
A unique commentary that explores each passage from three vital perspectives: original meaning, bridging context, contemporary significance.​3. Holman Bible Commentary by Trent Butler
One in a series of twenty Old Testament verse-by-verse commentary books edited by Max Anders. Includes discussion starters, teaching plan, and more.​

4. The Book Of Isaiah and God’s Kingdom by Andrew Abernathy
In view of what the structure of the book of Isaiah aims to emphasize, this New Studies in Biblical Theology volume employs the concept of “kingdom” as an entry point for organizing the book’s major themes.​
**Darren’s disclaimer: This is such a good book, but it can feel intimidating. Anything from the New Studies in Biblical Theology series is fantastic!


For those of us who have spare time on the commute to and from work, here are some great sermons and articles from The Gospel Coalition on Isaiah:
Prophet as Reformer, a sermon by E.J. Young
Light Beckons, an article by John Piper
The Holiness Of God, a sermon by R.C. Sproul
The Branch And Banner Of David, John Piper speaking at the 2015 TGC National Conference
Click here to find hundreds of other sermons, videos, and articles from The Gospel Coalition
Watch a video, read a book, listen to a sermon, scroll through an article, or do it all! These resources are sure to help you get the most out of our time in Isaiah this summer.