Friday August 15 – Our light

2014 Summer of Prayer

Posted on: August 14, 2014


Come and worship

Jesus, the Light of the World- He dispels darkness in our souls, He is the Way by which we see our way in the world.

Meditate on His Word Isaiah 9:1-2, John 8:12-30
Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. John 8:12

I got lost in the woods not long ago. It was a warm, sunny day outside the trees but under them- not so much. I wandered a long time wondering where I had taken a turn
off the main path. Then, as I rounded a bend, a moment of sheer beauty- a break in
the trees made an opening for a wide shaft of light to filter in and light up the forest
floor. Everything glowed green, it was breath-taking. All of a sudden I didn’t feel like a wanderer, lost and without hope. It was the light that made the difference in that cold, shady place. We all have people in our lives who wander through life, searching for the best path, relying on good deeds and noble intentions to give meaning to their lives. They long for the light to show them the way and give them hope, yet at the same time don’t fully grasp that is what they are searching for.

Reflect and give thanks

Think of a time- or times- in your life when you wandered- What were you looking for? What did you think you were looking for? How did the Lord intervene and shine light into your darkness?
Give Him thanks today for being the Light of the world, and giving hope to those living in darkness.

Ask God

Lord, we pray for our co-workers, friends and family members who wander in life trying to find the right way by ‘living well’ and doing good deeds, but missing the Light of Life. Lord, shine the light of Your love into their darkened hearts as You did for us. Show them Your light and love through the events in their lives that they may be compelled to seek You.

Lord, open our eyes to ways we can serve and love them, speak to our hearts so that we have words of grace and truth when we interact with them.