Generosity & Finances for 2014

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Posted on: November 12, 2014

On behalf of the family of Imprint Church, I want to thank each and every one of you for your financial gifts that you have given to the church over the last couple years. Through you, God has provided for the needs of our growing church and we have been amazed to see even more than we expected given. These finances have made it possible for us to dream a bit about how we can further Christ’s mission through Imprint Church in the years to come. For example, this year we were able to hire a full-time Ministry Lead to equip you for the work of the ministry, buy some needed equipment for our worship gatherings, hire a part-time Admin Lead to take care of some of our business and financials needs, and we have even started to plan for hiring someone else to help lead worship more regularly. These items and roles have been so necessary, particularly because over the last year we have been averaging roughly 50 more kids in our Imprint Kids ministry and another 60+ adults in our worship gatherings on Sunday mornings! Jesus is building His church.

Because of our prior year’s experience and the giving trends, we did increase our budget for 2014, as we believed that God was going to continue to grow His church. We were right about that! So far we have actually spent less than we expected and are ahead in our budget. A big chunk of this is our Generosity Campaign. We have committed to giving away 10% of what the Lord has given to us in missional endeavors in our communities and world. To date, we still have about $27,000 left in this account to give. Whatever we do not spend in 2014 we plan to roll over into 2015 and use for generosity. We are committed to giving away finances with good stewardship and that just takes time. These are exciting projects and mission opportunities that you are involved in and we look forward to using this money to make much of Jesus Christ together.

We also want you to be aware of our giving trends this year. To date, we are actually at almost 95% of our forecasted giving for 2014 (what we planned you would give in 2014 at the end of 2013!). So we think and pray that we will end strong. To this end we thought we’d make sure that you were aware that you could find out what you’ve given to Imprint Church at any time by going to your Imprint Church Community (ICC) account at and clicking on the “Give” tab. You can then find your giving statement on the sidebar. We would encourage you to go have a look to see if you have given what you’ve planned to give this year. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what we’ve given and your online account gives you up-to-date information about it (it’s updated every week). We also missed a Sunday a couple weeks ago because of the apocalyptic power outage in Woodinville, so that affects our giving. Please have a look at your convenience. If you see any reporting errors on your ICC account, please contact Jenny, our Admin Lead, at

One final thing. We recently opened a brokerage account for Imprint Church because we had some people asking about donating stocks to the church. So if you have any investments that you’d like to contribute to Imprint Church, please contact Jenny, as well.

Generosity is not all about finances, but it certainly affects our finances. Would you take some time to prayerfully consider how you’ve been generous and giving financially to Imprint Church? For some of us, we’ve been sacrificial in our giving. For others, we need a reminder! Let’s all end 2014 well so that we can plan and dream God-sized visions for 2015 for our church community. Our board is working hard to finish the 2015 budget right now and we would continually ask for your prayers in that – for faith and wise stewardship.

As always, if you have any questions about finances or our budget, you are welcome to contact a board member. Thanks for being a part of Imprint Church.

in Christ,

Pastor Darren Larson