God gave.


Posted on: January 9, 2012

This is the beginning of everything. The Bible describes God as the One who took the initiative to create the world and everything in it. And we know that one of the reasons He created the world is because He wanted to share it. For this reason we are all recipients of God’s generosity. Think about this: God is not only more powerful than us or stronger than us; but God is also more generous than any of us, as well. This God is Jesus Christ. And it is for His glory that we want to plant a church in the suburbs of Seattle with a mission and vision based on His generosity to us and our gratitude to Him.

Simply put, Imprint Church exists to transform people into generous disciples of Jesus Christ who are sent into the world to make other generous disciples of Jesus Christ.

We envision a movement of people who love Jesus and who are known more for their generosity and gratefulness in Christ than anything else. And we want to watch the Gospel transform people’s lives in such a way that we start a movement of planting churches with these distinctives all over the NW to transform communities and our world.

We’ll be officially launching in the Fall. Stay tuned or subscribe for more updates and plans.

4 Replies to “God gave.”

  1. Cathy McKay says:

    1:00-1:03 works for me 🙂 … I’m all over it.

  2. darrenlarson says:

    Thanks so much Cathy!

  3. Michael Lennerblom says:

    Hey I’m on easern time so should I pray at 4pm? I really like the vision so far and look forward to meeting with you maybe in April.

  4. darrenlarson says:

    Sure! Or anytime that’s memorable. I was just hoping to make it somewhat easy for people to remember to pray. Looking forward to connecting, as well.

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