Hope For Yangon

by Rex Gorman

Posted on: December 5, 2019

Part of our Generosity push this Christmas is called Hope for Yangon. This will support Pastor No Pum and his Swe Nartha boarding homes. These homes provide a safe place to live, good meals, daily care, and a chance for students to hear the Gospel.

Below are two testimonies from students in the boarding homes. They are written by the students themselves and were not edited for content.

Ngua Ngi (Pha Kant, Kachin state)

I lived in Nant Yan village, Pha Kant township, Kachin state. There are 5 members in my family. There is no school at my village and have to go to another village where primary school is available and then moved to another village where middle school is available. When I was 7 grades, the situation of my family was under danger because of Kachin tribal freedom fighters. One Sunday, with my friend we sang a song at the church and Kachin freedom fighters record our names to enroll into their army. Since that time on, no freedom at all and not able to study rather we have to run here and there and hide all the time. I used to stay at the church with Sunday school teacher. She hides me when Kachin soldiers came to catch me. I prayed to the Lord with tears to let me free from this situation. The village situation come to worse and prayed to let me finish 7 grade and thank the Lord that He allowed me to finish it.

One day, a pastor came to my village and told me that he would introduce one boarding home in Yangon where his 2 daughters stay and study. Then I arrived Swe Nartha boarding home in my 8 grades. I never go back home on summer holidays because I was told that I will be caught by Kachin soldiers. So, I used to stay at Swe Nartha boarding home. My father passed away when I was 9 grades. Since I stay at boarding home, I came to know more and more about God and His salvation. I came to realize that actually I was just a nominal Christian when I was at my village. On summer holidays, pastor No Pum conducted evangelistic youth Bible camp and I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior and Lord during camp. Then my life has been changing and willing to serve the Lord. When I finish high school final exam, I went back home for a while secretly and I was informed that my name is still in the list of Kachin soldiers. Then, finally, I decided to leave my widow mother and come back to Swe Nartha boarding home because I do not have a safe home like Swe Nartha boarding home. I love to stay at boarding home and help other students. I dedicated to serve the Lord in different ways as long as I live.

Kyaw Kyaw Nine (Rakhine state)


I have 2 brothers and my parents were separated when I was 4 years old. My father run far away from home and until now I don not know where my mother is. We were left with uncle and they send me to Buddhist monastery education center until 5 grades. I was discriminated by friends at monastery and tried to run from there many times. My uncle really wanted me to have good education and finally he knew Yin San Win, one fo Swe Nartha boarding home alumnus and I was brought there and have great chance to study.

Since I arrive at Swe Nartha barding home I heard the Gospel and about God and His salvation through Jesus Christ. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior and Lord when I was 8 grades. Since that time on, I realize and really appreciate the work of boarding home. Ss, I have determined to study hard to be able to pass high school final exam and go back to my native place, Rakhine state and start boarding and share the Gospel. I have been praying that my the Lord accomplish my dream.

You can give to this cause at any of our gatherings (write “Hope for Yangon” in the memo) on our app (there is a pull-down option on the giving tab), or by clicking the direct link below.

A generous family in our church has offered to match all funds donated through the end of the year. We hope you will join us in supporting these homes that are meeting real needs and are spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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