July 28, 2012 Work Day


Posted on: July 18, 2012

The Work Day details:

  • It’s on July 28, 2012 from 10:00 AM – whenever everyone leaves!
  • The Imprint Church building is located at the Check Ride Driving School in Woodinville at 13632 Northeast 177th Place Woodinville, WA 98072

Imprint Church work day is coming up fast, and it is such a blessing to have a church building to clean up! There are some positive things that each of us can look forward to as we serve our awesome God together. My first thought is:

It feels good. When you commit your time and effort to serving God, the feeling of fulfillment can be endless. It’s the three G’s we talk about, Gospel, Gratitude, Generosity.

It strengthens our church family: When we can come together and work side by side, we start to build relationships. We can build great memories together! Maybe you have a big family, volunteering is a great way for families to have fun and feel closer. Lets get excited about serving God together!

Ownership: This church will look great after we put some blood (hope not blood) sweat and tears (happy tears) into this project.

We can make a difference: Once we tackle these projects, we can look back and see the great work that has been done. We can look forward to when the doors open to the public and know that God will use Imprint Church to serve the community and beyond.

Some important jobs that need to be done are:

  1. If you own a pressure- washer, would you consider using it to clean up the entry way? That would be great.
  2. We need some prep work done for painting on the 28th. It would be great to have things taped off and ready for us to start painting. If you have the time, please consider stopping to start some prep work and taping things off. We have a core team member organizing the painting, so please let us know if you can help.
  3. We need a team of people to weed in front of the church. Rocks need to be removed and a weed barrier needs to be put down. We would also like to place bark in this area. If you would like to lead this project please let us know.

We will provide paint for the indoor painting that needs to be done, but if you have any tools, please feel free to bring them along. Dress to make a mess:) Just not on the floor! Wear some comfortable shoes and bring a pair of gloves. If you need to get in the building, or you would like to stop by and take a look at the grounds in front of the building please feel free to do so. The building is open Mon-Thurs. 10:00 am -4:00pm and Fridays 10:00am -3:00pm or you can contact us and make arrangements.


Rocky Riggins