Learning to Lean Into God’s Plan


Posted on: June 4, 2017

First off, I never thought I would be ever going to Rwanda. My story is one of obeying God’s calling, learning that God has a continuous plan for me and learning to lean into what He wants me to do, no matter how old I get or what circumstances happen in life.

On my first trip to Rwanda, I went with a team of 6 from Imprint in September of 2016. We spent 8 days on the ground, 4 in Kigali and 4 in Bugesera. We spent our time meeting with Africa New Life(ANL) staff, learning about what they do for kids and the community, playing with the Dream Kids, meeting our sponsored students, taking them to lunch, meeting with the staff at the Bugesera church and really building relationships with these people and the community that God has called Imprint to be apart of.

On one of those days, we were able to spend time at a secondary school showing them a microscope Chuck had brought with slides of malaria. He helped stress the importance of hand washing to stay healthy. As we were saying hi to the crowds of students that were greeting us, I made eye contact with a teacher who was still in her classroom. I excused myself from the endless student hugs, introduced myself to the teacher and asked her if she would show me around her classroom. This, this is where I wanted to be!!! I was at home in her classroom. There was a sense of familiarity as I looked at the handwritten posters explaining the life cycle of a bean plant and the structure of a sentence. God laid on my heart in that moment that I wanted to be able help these teachers in some way. I’m wasn’t thinking about returning to Rwanda but what could I do stateside to help. Fast forward a few months…

In November of 2016, I received an email from ANL to consider being a part of a team that would go back to Kigali in June of 2017, to help with a teacher conference put on by Africa New Life. There were a few things that made me say no to this trip, it’s a longer trip than last time and I want to be sensitive to my families needs, plus I was JUST there and is God really calling me back? I forwarded the email to my husband and he responded supportively saying that he was going to put the dates of this trip on his work calendar(can there be a sweeter answer? I think not!).

Now I find myself in the throws of getting ready to go back to a place I never thought I would see again. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God has called me and my family(even though they’re not coming with me) to this adventure. The emotional and financial support that I have received is beyond humbling and also another confirmation that I am walking where God wants me to be.

What I am leaning into now is seeking His face in this land of Rwanda and asking Him what He is calling my family and I to do. I’m asking Him to use me where He needs me while I am there. As God reveals Himself there, I want to be able to receive it. To the question “will I do ANYTHING that the Lord asks of me?”, may my answer be “YES”.
As my Imprint family, may I ask you to pray these things with me?


We as Imprint Church partner with a village in Bugesera, Rwanda through Africa New Life. We’ve helped raise money for a garden that helps feed and employ those living there. People like you within Imprint support children on a monthly basis to receive education and the Gospel message. You can read more about that here.