Monday August 18 – God’s Mission: to build His church

2014 Summer of Prayer

Posted on: August 18, 2014

Come and worship

Thank God that He is our Father. Take some time to worship Jesus, who is our Good Shepherd and leader of the church of God.

Meditate on His Word 1 Timothy 3:14–15, Matthew 16:18
“I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” Matthew 16:18

Do you ever wonder what God is passionate about? What’s at the center of God’s heart and mission? The answer is this: the church. The heart of God is to nurture, protect, build, and use his church. In 1 Timothy 3, the apostle Paul describes the church as a family, a community of redeemed people, and a witness to the watching world. So not only is the church the object of God’s great love; it’s also His missional strategy in a broken world. His goal is to have as many people as possible as a part of the church. And it is not an impossible dream! Jesus promises to help in it, and to make it successful. This is why the church has survived, and many times thrived in the world, and also why we can pray with great expectation that God will continue to build His church for His glory in the world.

Reflect and give thanks

In silence reflect on how Jesus has made the church a family, a redeemed community, and a witness to the watching world. Recognize that through Christ you are an adopted son or daughter, and thank Jesus for redeeming you from your sins. Listen to the Holy Spirit telling you how you should be a witness to the world.

Ask God

Pray that God will build Imprint Church more and more as a family. Pray that we will live out the “one-anothers” of the New Testament with gratitude.
Pray that people will continue to meet Jesus as we continually speak about the Gospel. Pray that our mission of generosity will be a witness to the watching world.

Ultimately pray that we will not lose sight of the mission God has given us as we grow and work with God in building the church.