Marvelous Mystery Mix-Up Meal


Posted on: May 12, 2014

Question SteakYou have a dinner party… but you don’t with whom or where!

At Imprint Church, we’re always looking for new ways to get you connected with other members of the church. Sometimes it’s through small groups, other times it’s a potluck, but THIS time we are going to throw you completely out of your comfort zone with our Marvelous Mystery Mix-Up Meal.

When you register for a meal, you are signing up to bring a dish and share a meal at the home of somebody from Imprint Church. The trick is, you won’t know who your dinner is with or where the meal is taking place until the day of the event.

This is a church-wide event to build community by having small in-home gatherings and sharing a meal together.

The Marvelous Mystery Mix-Up Meal is on June 1st, from 5pm to 7pm…but you won’t know where you will be going until the day of…that’s the mystery!

Try something exciting this June as you discover a new way to connect with friends you might not even know at Imprint Church! Are you brave enough?

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