Saturday July 12 Assignment – Prayerwalk your neighborhood

2014 Summer of Prayer

Posted on: July 12, 2014

Come and worship

The Lord of all nations. The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. 1 Corinthians 10:26

What is ‘Prayerwalking’?
One of the best explanations I have seen is found on the Waymakers website at
“God is stirring us to take our prayers beyond the walls of our church buildings. As
we put feet to our prayers, we’re beginning to pray with huge kingdom-sized hope for entire cities. In hundreds of cities around the world, God is helping Christians to pray
as they pass through the streets of their communities. We’ve come to use the word ‘prayerwalking’ to describe this kind of on-site intercession. As you prayerwalk, your prayers extend beyond your own concerns, focusing directly on the needs of others and opening yourself to see them with God’s eyes and heart.”


Isaiah 9:2, 30:18, Mathew 4:15-17, Luke 1:77-79, Psalm 107:10-16, 140:12


Begin by reading the scriptures provided, feel free to write them down and take them with you if you feel prompted to pray them for your community or ask the Lord to give you other scripture for your neighborhood.
Step out the front door and walk through your neighborhood, praying as you go.

Plan your route to intentionally walk near schools, churches, fire stations, apartment buildings, parks, etc. – pray for each as you feel led. Pray for neighbors you know by name, and don’t forget to pray for those you don’t know.
Ask the Lord to open your eyes to see people, places, and occurrences around you as He sees them, so you may lift them in prayer.

Listen as you pray, if scripture comes to mind as you walk, pray it back to the Lord on behalf of your neighbors.