That’s when I decided I was going to be an engineer when I grow up so that I could design mini-houses for Camp Unity


Posted on: May 24, 2017

Earlier this year my small group and I had signed up to help Camp Unity move. Camp Unity moves every three months, which is always a lot of work. We got there and we were fresh and ready for work. I helped screw in the boards that go under the tents. Then it started raining and we got very wet. After the boards were done, I helped unload the U-Haul. On one of my trips back, I set down some tents and noticed people setting up the living room tent which was made of PVC pipes and tarps. My first thought was, “That would not keep you warm.” My second thought was “That doesn’t look stable and the water might seep in.” The rain had already been making the roof seep in.

Fast forward two days later. There was a snow day and school was closed. Yea! I woke up and got very excited, but then I thought how Camp Unity might be feeling, cold. Maybe some residents had broken tents, maybe other residents had tarps collapse. I was worried. That’s when I decided that I was going to be an engineer when I grow up so that I could design and build mini-houses on wheels for Camp Unity. I thought that if I could find a way to make it easier and faster to setup up portable housing, that it would greatly improve the quality of life for this community. What if we could do that on a larger scale?

I also have an eye on a specific hotel that I want to buy when I grow up so that I could transform it into a shelter and help the homeless cause from another perspective. I even spoke with my girl scout troop to adopt this cause to complete our

community project and earn our Bronze Award. I think I inspired them enough to take on the project and we are looking at several different ways to turn some of these ideas into reality today! We will also donate some of our girl scout money to help get the materials for the mini-houses on wheels.

Isabella B. is 11 years old and attends Imprint with her parents, Barclay and Edna. Their Generosity Group meets in Kirkland.

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