Update Regarding Coronavirus


Posted on: March 4, 2020

Dear Imprint Church,

In light of the concerns about Coronavirus, we wanted to let you know that our Lead and Elder teams have been discussing what precautions we should take as a church with regard to our worship gatherings.

While we understand the rationale behind the closure of the Northshore schools recently, and the precautions that organizations have taken, we have decided to continue our Sunday Worship Gatherings in both Woodinville and Bothell this coming Sunday. Moreover, we would encourage you to join us!

With this, we also wanted to let you know that in both locations we will be taking extra precautions to clean and disinfect our facilities. In particular, we are disinfecting our Kids Ministry classrooms and toys, as well as paying special attention to heavily-touched parts of our facility like door handles and check-in systems. Our Imprint Family team is coordinating a clean up time both before and after our Gatherings this weekend. We are grateful for several of you who have volunteered to help out with this. We are also asking parents to walk your kids to their classrooms during our 5-minute break and have your kids wash their hands prior to entering the classroom. And though this probably doesn’t need to be said, please stay home and keep your children home if any of you are ill, or have any symptoms like coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath, or a fever (this is a good idea every Sunday!)

One small change we are making this week is that as a precaution, we are putting taking communion temporarily on hold until further notice.

You may also wonder about Imprint Groups and other Imprint events for women, men, and students. Right now, all Imprint ministries will continue to meet unless determined otherwise by its leader. Some groups may choose to postpone, and that is fine, but we are not asking leaders to make any changes. If we have any updates, we will communicate that on social media and email.

Finally, if you become sick with Coronavirus, will you please let us know immediately? Let’s pray for for the Lord’s mercy toward those affected by the illness here and around the globe, and for discernment and wisdom for our health and education officials.

Let’s also remember that we need not give into fear, as many are tempted to do in this time. The wind and waves obey Jesus (Mark 4:41). He upholds the universe by the word of his power (Hebrews 1:3), which means no planet or particle is outside of his ultimate control.

We look forward to gathering on Sunday to worship the risen and reigning Christ together.

Together in Jesus,

The Imprint Team