You’re probably wondering when it’ll be completed


Posted on: April 20, 2017

By now hopefully, you’ve seen the new building that’s been going up on the north side of Imprint Church. If you haven’t heard, we’re calling it The Annex.

We are so excited about the potential of having more space to do ministry — specifically, ministry with our kids and students. Moreover, the potential of having extra space for other special events and to be able to train people for the work of the ministry is something we will be so grateful to have both now and into the future.

A few weeks ago, we had signups for people to get involved in the work, and about 30 of you signed up to help with various things like electrical, roofing, framing, and even clean up. Thank you so much for your willingness to jump in and help build the church.

Many people are probably wondering when the building will be completed. The good news is that a lot of the major work has been done (foundation, framing, and roofing), and now we are doing a lot of the work on the inside to make it ready for people. Currently the plan is to start moving some of our kids ministry to The Annex for Sunday morning ministry this summer, and then we will fully transition to our new classroom setups at the start of Fall 2017 when school is getting back in. Please note that all this is contingent on the progress of construction. Sara and Charissa, our Kids Leads, will communicate more about these details in the near future. Ben, our Student & Families Lead, will move the students out to The Annex as soon as we give him the green light!

The bottom line of why I am reaching out to you is that we still need your help! We found that the cost of building The Annex was a moving target from the time when we first got an estimate. Because of the upturn of the economy, and because builders have been busy with new construction all over the Seattle area, the cost of doing business turned out to be significantly more than we originally planned for. We did a giving campaign for this building in 2016, and through your generosity, we raised just over $80,000. The board made the decision to pitch in the rest of the money from our savings for this as we don’t want to go into debt and we really needed the extra space. However, we want to come back to you and ask if you would consider giving to this building project — especially if you have not given already. This is taking a significant amount from our savings.

For your information, we know a few things about the folks who originally gave to this:

  • The original $80,000 was given by 51 families. Again, we are exceedingly grateful for your generosity.
  • Half of the families that gave were families with kids at Imprint, and the other half are either empty nesters or do not have children. The range of giving was between $35-$5000. Please know that every bit helps!
  • Imprint has over 125 families who regularly attend our Gatherings.


So the first thing I would ask is if you have children, would you seriously and prayerfully consider giving to this building campaign? If you do, you’re investing in the discipleship of the kids and students of Imprint Church, and the future of your own children. Secondly, if you do not have kids or have empty nested, take a look around Imprint on Sunday mornings. We have so many kids and youth. And we could really use the space to have age-specific discipleship for these kids. You can invest in their lives by your giving.

Please prayerfully consider giving. And if you’d like to, click here and choose “Building Campaign” from the pull-down menu, to designate your giving.

Thank you for allowing the gospel to change your lives — resulting in gratitude and generosity. If you have any questions or comments, you can reach me at

in Christ,

Darren Larson

Lead Pastor