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At Imprint, we want to make and multiply GRATEFUL and GENEROUS disciples through the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ. This applies no less to the younger members of our church family. We pray that we’d see kids know and love Jesus, who knows and loves them. Kids will thrive when they are a part of a safe and healthy environment, have adults who care for them, and are introduced to the loving and powerful God revealed to us in the Bible.

As of July 18th, we are returning to having a centralized check-in by the double doors in our auditorium. Parents will again be in charge of navigating the iPad system to print their child’s name tags. Since many families may be unfamiliar with our check-in system, we will be sure to have a Kids Lead or volunteer present at check-in to help facilitate the process. Come a couple of minutes early to get kids’ name tags before Gathering starts!

With the re-introduction of our 5 minute break, we will now again be inviting kids to join the main Gathering during our first few songs. Elementary classrooms will be closed until the 5 minute break. Beginnings classrooms will be open from the beginning of Gathering, but will not start their program until after the 5 minute break in case parents want their children with them in the main Worship Gathering. This is a great opportunity to communicate to our children that they are part of the Church as a whole.
To Summarize:

  • Parents will check their kids in before Gathering at the iPads by the front doors in the auditorium.
  • All kids are invited to participate in worship songs at the beginning of Gatherings.
  • Elementary classrooms will open at the 5 minute break, Beginnings classrooms will be open from the start of Gathering, but will not start their program until the 5 minute break.

We are so excited once again to have your children back into their own Sunday morning Gathering!


We are utilizing the best practices to keep kids and leaders safe, including temperature checks and frequent hand washing/sanitation.Our Family Ministry Team values the continued spiritual, emotional, and social growth of our younger community members. In addition, we are blessed to have a team of experienced teachers and leaders in place to minister to our kids during this time!

Kids will experience great connecting conversations, fun activities that encourage socializing, and gospel-centered teaching using Tru Ministry Curriculum highlighting God’s BIG Story. Below is a link to a description of what your children are learning each week


Starting Sunday, May 2nd, we will be opening up our Pre-K classroom, for children ages 3-5 years old.It will be full of the same fun as always, with age-appropriate safety procedures and a modified schedule to enable kids to socialize and play safely in small groups as well as grow in the Lord as they listen to his word during story time.

More specifically, they will be learning about the life of Jesus through the Gospels.This series will take them through the summer.What an exciting series for our youngest to see the amazing ministry Jesus had on earth!

More information about the curriculum can be found at the link below.

Thank you all for your patience in this process. We are looking forward to seeing your kids. In fact, some we have never even met! This is exciting for us as a ministry team. Please continue to check your email regularly about any new changes. Also, let us know if God might be leading you to volunteer in this phase or future phases of re-opening! Volunteers are still needed for all classrooms (both youth and adult volunteers). Contact a Kids Ministry Team member if you are interested or if you have questions about our re-opening plan.

Our Imprint Kids Ministry Team is very excited to welcome you to Imprint Kids and look forward to seeing you soon!