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Darren Larson - May 7, 2017

Isaiah 2:1-22

This week we continue our series at Imprint Church called Light in a Land of Darkness. It’s a study of the book of Isaiah. This week we look at chapter 2.

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Isaiah 2 together. Talk about the prophecy in Isaiah 2:1-5 and how it brings so much hope in our broken world.
  2. According to Isaiah 2, what does peace look like?
  3. Isaiah 2:6-11 introduces 2 major human problems that get in the way of God’s peace in the world: idolatry and pride. Define idolatry and pride and talk about why they are so destructive.
  4. Read 1 Peter 5:6-11. How is pride so sneaky? How are you combatting pride each day?
  5. What is an area of your life that you need to stop controlling (or holding on to), and surrender the power over to Jesus?

Scripture References: Isaiah 2:1-22

From Series: "Light in a Land of Darkness"

This series is a study of the book of Isaiah.

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