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Darren Larson - October 2, 2016

Revelation Overview (“What Are We Getting Into?”) – Revelation 22

We kicked off our new sermon series called The Lord, The Lion, and the Lamb on the New Testament book of Revelation. In fact, this sermon serves as an introduction of the entire book of Revelation in 1 sermon! We learned that the culmination of Jesus’ 2nd coming will result not only in complete salvation for people who have surrendered their lives by grace and through faith in Christ; but we also learned that Jesus’ return means the redemption and restoration of all things to rightfully worship Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that you will check out this sermon on Revelation 22 and respond in worship!

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Revelation 22 out loud together. Talk about some of the promises and warnings in the chapter. How can knowing the future of God’s people shape how you think and live today? How does this hope affect how you process things like suffering, fear, and political and social  turmoil?
  2. Talk about the reasons that Jesus is going to return. How would you explain the whole gospel to a non-Christian through the framework of:
    Creation—>Fall—> Redemption—>Restoration
  3. How do we see God’s plan working out in both ways in history?
    What are some of the ways Revelation has been interpreted? Why can it be problematic to get lost in the details of the book?
  4. Revelation was a letter to the churches in the ancient world. It was meant to be comfort and encouragement in the midst of suffering and persecution. Where do we see this in Revelation and how is it applicable to the church today?
  5. How does the book of Revelation help you to worship Jesus?
  6. Seven beatitudes are scattered throughout the book of Revelation. Read Revelation 1:3; 14:13; 16:15; 19:9; 20:6; 22:7, 14. What encouragement do you find in these blessings?

Scripture References: Revelation 22:1-21

From Series: "The Lord, The Lion, And The Lamb"

The book of Revelation has been a mystery to people for years. Moreover, there have been some pretty strange interpretations of the text which have led to things like date predictions of the end of the world, who the antichrist is, and how modern America “fits” into the apocalyptic genre. What if all these attempts of making sense out of all the mysterious details in Revelation are actually adventures in missing the point? Revelation is trying to do something completely different. It’s giving people a picture of the risen Lord Jesus Christ as He is the fulfillment of the Bible’s promises from the beginning. It’s also giving hope to Christians who are facing trials and temptations in a world hostile to God and His coming Kingdom. Most of all, it’s encouraging all people to worship Jesus, the Lord, the Lion, and the Lamb of God who has come into our world and will return to bring His people into His Kingdom forever. Check out the following sermons from October – December 2016 as we learn from this intense and important book and respond to the One who was, who is, and who is to come.

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