Plans For Fall 2020

(Updated September 24, 2020)

Imprint is grateful the chance to meet in-person this fall. We recognize that there’s a diversity of opinion regarding the government-mandated Covid-19 regulations for Washington. As a church, in order to gather together in-person this fall, we will continue to adhere to these regulations for the same reasons we articulated in an email at the end of May—Love, Honor, Wisdom, Service, and Humility.

While these regulations create greater difficulty for regathering, we don’t believe they are insurmountable or that they should prevent us from worshiping together in-person. We found great joy gathering for worship outside this summer, despite the inconvenience of mask-wearing and social distancing.

To help set some expectations and possibly alleviate any disappointments that could happen as we start getting back to some normalcy, we’ve created a community covenant for Imprint Church as we jump back into having indoor Worship Gatherings in the fall of 2020 and beyond.

Imprint Church will:

  • Continue, for the time being, to abide by the regulations of the phased reopening for businesses in the state of Washington.
  • Make every reasonable effort to thoroughly sanitize before and after our public Worship Gatherings.
  • Keep social distancing measures in place for the safety of anyone that visits our property.
  • Stream our 9:30 Gathering each week so that you can participate if you do not feel comfortable being physically present at Imprint Church Woodinville.
  • Keep your information confidential with Imprint Church. If we become aware of someone who visited Imprint Church who tests positive for COVID-19, we will inform our entire church, while maintaining the individual’s anonymity, and take any other necessary precautions.

Here’s what we ask of those that attend Imprint Church on Sundays during this season:

  • Strive for unity.
  • Stay home if you or another household member gets sick or has any symptoms of sickness.
  • Wear a mask while you are on the Imprint Church property.
  • Register ahead of time for the Gathering you and your household will attend. Please show up only if you’ve registered and intend to come.
  • Sign-ups start every Monday at 9 AM for the following Sunday Gatherings. If you attended the previous Sunday, we ask that you wait until Wednesday to sign up to attend a Gathering that week. Register through our website or our Imprint Church App.
  • Understand that we have more people that attend our church than we have seats for on Sunday mornings. This means you may not always have a spot and may be asked to wait for a week to attend a Gathering.
  • Understand that we need to sanitize after every Gathering and so we will ask you to head outside after the Worship Gathering is finished so that we can get ready for the next group.
  • Check in at the registration table in the front of Imprint Woodinville and get a name tag for everyone in your party.
    Sit only with people from your own household.

We realize that none of this is ideal. But the Church throughout the ages, and in many other places in the world right now, has weathered far greater challenges. By the grace of God, we will also weather this storm and emerge, we pray, more like Jesus and more committed than ever to the mission he’s given us to make and multiply grateful and generous disciples through his Gospel.

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If you have any questions about the fall, feel free to email us at

In the Meantime

Here are a few ways to stay involved in the life of the church.

Online Gatherings

We are currently streaming our Worship Gatherings on Facebook Live, our App, and at on Sunday mornings at 9:30. Please join us!

Join Us For Prayer on Zoom

We are currently meeting twice a week on Zoom for prayer. We meet on Monday nights from 5:30-6pm and Wednesday nights from 8:30-9pm. We send an email out with a Zoom link before each meeting. Interested in joining? Send an email to

Generosity Groups

Our groups are still up and running! We have groups meeting in person at Imprint Woodinville throughout the week and groups that are meeting virtually. We encourage you to lean into community during this season of separation.

Abound in Hope Podcast

We started a new podcast recently to help show you how the Gospel applies to your every day live and compels you toward Gratitude and Generosity. Check it out wherever you find podcasts or at the link below!

Want more? Check out our Resource Page