Darren Larson - December 16, 2012

Son of Man, Son of God

Our Christmas service at Imprint Church in Woodinville came a little bit early this year! Enjoy the recap below of our message from December 16, 2012. If you would like the full sermon you can listen to the Podcast or watch the video recording on YouTube. I believe the Christmas story of Jesus Christ’s birth is the most amazing miracle in the entire Bible. You may say… What about the feeding of the 5000? What about raising a dead guy back to life again? What about turning water into wine? But I think Jesus’ birth is far more amazing than both the creation of the universe and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Why would I say that? Christmas is that pinnacle moment in history, in which the mystery of the supernatural, the character of God, and the work of God all meet together in flesh in the person of Jesus Christ. Let’s take a look at those three things… 1. The Mystery of the Supernatural Isaiah 7:10-14 is directly quoted in Matthew 1:23 as a supporting statement for Jesus Christ’s virgin birth. Admittedly, it’s somewhat difficult to understand how prophecy in this scripture is fulfilled; but Matthew has given us the final word on who this refers to. It’s Jesus Christ. It’s important to believe that Jesus was born of a virgin woman because of several reasons: It demonstrates the supernatural in the incarnation of Jesus Christ It shows us that salvation must ultimately come from the Lord The virgin birth made is possible that full deity and full humanity would be united in one person This is the mystery of the supernatural! God fully became man, having been born of a woman, and because she was still a virgin, this shows that he was still fully God. He entered our world. That is amazing. The mystery of the supernatural becomes real for us. He wanted us to see him… to be able to put him in history. I hope this amazes you this Christmas. Jesus becoming man and remaining God at the same time is hard to categorize. No wonder we talk about Christmas as a time of wonder and awe. And because of the Christmas story, we have physical proof that God is now with us. The great news is that he is still with us today. We’ve seen how the mystery of the supernatural meets in the person of Jesus Christ; now let’s see how the character of God does… 2. The Character of God Flip forward a couple chapters to Isaiah 9:6-7. We can talk about God’s character…and we do. We know all kinds of things about God because of what we read in Scripture. In Jesus, it becomes real. We see the character of God in the person of Jesus Christ partly in Isaiah’s description of the child to be born. Isaiah uses the names… Wonderful Counselor Jesus can help you! Are you facing something tough in your life? Seek the Lord Jesus, he is with you. Mighty God Jesus proved himself as the mighty God when he descended into the grave in death, and rose again on the third day. He crushed death, gave hope, and destroyed the power of the devil. Everlasting Father A father here has connotations of a benevolent protector. Because Jesus is the mighty God, he is able to meet all the needs in your life. But because he is an everlasting father, he is also willing to meet them. Prince of Peace The concept of peace in the Bible is different than a person’s happiness. The biblical concept of peace is one in which God’s authority and power is over the world he created. Peace is only established by subjecting ourselves to God, through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 3. The Work of God “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” (John 1:14 ESV) The incarnation of Jesus is God’s moment of glory. You wouldn’t think that since stepping down from God to man is not an upgrade in any way shape or form. Why would I call it the work of God? Because flesh is the Bible’s word for humanity in its weakness and frailty. So John is saying to us that when Jesus was born he became weak and frail. And Jesus became weak and frail for one reason: so that he could die. God can’t die. But when he adds humanity to his deity, he can die. And he can die for us. John is saying that this Word, who was with God and was God, made His dwelling among us. He took on weakness. He came into this world as a human being. He lived in our physical and social and spiritual environment. He shared our pains and frustrations. John is saying what the author of Hebrews says: “We do not have a High Priest, who cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities. We have a High Priest who knows our frame, that we are dust.” He knows what it is to be tired. He knows what it is to be exhausted. He knows what it is to be thirsty. He knows what it is to stand before a grave and weep. He knows what it is to have bodily pains that are unbearable and to literally fall apart. Moreover, he knows what it is when rusty nails pierce His hands and feet. He knows what it is to have thorns pushed down into your skull. He knows what it is to be betrayed. He knows what it means to be lonely. It’s the work of God because we can look back to verse 12: “To as many as received Him, to them gave He the right to become the children of God.” God became flesh. He was the Son of God. He was the Son of Man. In Christ, the mystery of the supernatural, the character of God, and the work of God all meet together… FOR US. Now, we can respond to him in thanksgiving this Christmas. He desires a relationship with you. That’s what Christmas really means.

Scripture References: Isaiah 7:10-14, Matthew 1:23, Isaiah 9:6-7, John 1:12-14

From Series: "What Child is This?"

During our first Christmas season at Imprint Church in Woodinville, we walked through a two week series title, “What Child is This?”

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