Darren Larson - February 3, 2013


This is our last Sunday in a sermon series we’ve called “Wrecked!” We hope you have enjoyed it and learned a lot about God, yourself, and grace – as well as why Judges is in the Bible. In our February 03 (2013) sermon, we learn about a Judge named Samson. Most people are very familiar with the story of this man with amazing strength who is seduced by Delilah into giving away the secret of his power. But if we look a level deeper, we see that the true story is a tragedy about a man who was pre-ordained by God to do incredible things for Israel but never rose up to his potential. The story of Samson is actually not unlike the structure of modern comic books. Comic books are written with four key elements in mind (the times in parenthesis below are the points in the recording where you can hear the full description). Situation – Introduces main characters (8:46) Complication – What the main character is fighting with (10:49) Resolution – The character battles, sometimes over and over (10:49 as well) Denouement – Puts the solution/resolution in perspective – we get to see what the results are (21:57) Now, comic book heroes, flaming foxes, ancient kegger parties, and gouged out eyeballs aren’t exactly the kind of things we can easily relate to our modern lives. Here are some of the key takeaways from the Imprint Church sermon on Samson and the times in the recording where you can learn more about them. The irony of this story: Samson was strong, but he was deeply weak. (26:20) Living only for yourself will actually destroy you and those around you (27:29) You’ve been given a God-given destiny to live a life of great things – not for yourself – but for the world around us. (29:04) The reality is… when we don’t live in light of our special relationship to God and our special God-given mission in life, we are nothing more than Samsons – empowered by the Spirit but dominated by the flesh, only to live a tragic Christian life of failure. I have a very practical step for you today… 1. Think of the areas of your life where you have been living for yourself instead of for God’s glory. 2. Confess – What’s been keeping you from doing his mission with him? Tell him. 3. Repent – Change the way you are living your life.

Scripture References: Judges 16:1-31, Judges 13:1-25, Judges 14:1-20, Judges 15:1-20

From Series: "Wrecked!"

The first sermon series of the year for Imprint Church in Woodinville, Washington was on the Book of Judges from the Old Testament. The Judges were men and women chosen by God to lead Israel out of oppression. The short comings of Judges like Samson, Gideon, Jephthath, and Barak are a great reflecting point in our own lives as we consider our relationship to God and our mission for Him.

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