Darren Larson - January 6, 2013

An Overview of Judges

We started a new series this week at Imprint Church in Woodinvillle, WA called, “Wrecked!” It’s a study of some of the main events and characters in the book of Judges. Judges is one of the most gruesome and dark books in the entire Bible. If you read it all at once you will probably need to take a Valium afterwards! It’s no wonder preachers typically pass over the book of Judges when it comes to sermon topics. Its overall message is that God’s people self destruct when they disobey God and look to their pagan neighbors for their values. That’s why we’ve entitled the series, “Wrecked!” It is the story of people’s self-destruction when they cycle further and further into the abyss of their own terrible decisions. Judges really is a book about God delivering his people from those messes they create. Here are the key points you will want to learn about and the approximate time in the recording where you’ll hear those points. 1. Where does God fit in your life when it seems like it’s a wreck? (1:45) 2. In the book of Judges, what God saw was everyone doing evil. What people saw was everyone doing what they thought was right. (18:05) 3. People are excellent at thinking we can make it on our own. (23:50) 4. People tend to live in the same cycle of sin and self-reliance that we read about in Judges. That cycle is Sin > Repentance > Deliverance > Peace, then the cycle starts over (33:45) 5. The reality is that God gets angry at sin patterns like this in our lives. (37:50) 6. Jesus is the true judge who will deliver you once and for all from this cycle of sin. (40:35)

Scripture References: Judges 2:11-23

From Series: "Wrecked!"

The first sermon series of the year for Imprint Church in Woodinville, Washington was on the Book of Judges from the Old Testament. The Judges were men and women chosen by God to lead Israel out of oppression. The short comings of Judges like Samson, Gideon, Jephthath, and Barak are a great reflecting point in our own lives as we consider our relationship to God and our mission for Him.

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