Darren Larson - December 9, 2012

God is Deliverer

Here is a unique issue for us to wrestle with today. Although we absolutely want our world to be filled with people who know their value and worth, we also want to recognize that the God of the universe created people to be utterly dependent on Him. God designed all people to need Him. Yet most of the time we either intentionally or unintentionally do our best to keep him at bay and work to save ourselves in the unique circumstances of our lives. And while we may not recognize it as such, it’s a tragedy. I think there are 3 great things we see about God our Deliverer in Psalm 40 that should help us walk away today with a new sense of victory and freedom in our spiritual lives. God’s deliverance works on you, through you, and for you. 1. God’s Deliverance works ON you David begins this Psalm with a praise that God worked on Him to give him a solid place to stand. Whatever he needed deliverance from, God acted on his behalf. What this means is that God is the one to save you. We think we can save ourselves, but the reality is… God has to do these things. We might be able to save ourselves for a time, but it ultimately fails. The tough part of this is that God has his timing and His own way, and many times it’s not ours. We think deliverance means that God will do things we want him to. But that’s not always the case. I mean, many times we think we know what God’s deliverance should look like, don’t we? We play the God game because we think we know what our own deliverance should look like… “God if you’ll just provide a little bit of money for me…” “God, if you’ll just help get me out of this relationship…” “God, if the circumstances of my life would change in this way…” But then there’s David: He drew me out of the pit of destruction… He set my feet upon a rock… He put a new song in my heart. We want God to work within the way we want Him to. And that’s not often true deliverance. Most of the time we say that we’ll offer God some sort of sacrifice! If you want to be delivered from something… you’ve got to be honest and confess. Because here’s the hard reality: 2. God’s Deliverance works THROUGH you This stinks, I admit, but God wants us to be public works in progress! It doesn’t do much for our “self-esteem” when we admit our sins to find deliverance, but it does bring the deliverance that God wants to bring… in His timing! I have a memory verse for you this week to set you free: “Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy.” – Proverbs 28:13 (NIV) Are there things in your life that you cannot break free from? Sins? Patterns? Habits? Confess them to one another. Find someone you trust. Find someone who loves you. Many of us have sins that have either broken us or put us into bondage. If that’s the case, Psalm 40 tells us to declare them and allow God to deliver you. The reality is that some of us may have sins that are “in deep.” If you want freedom, learn to be honest about your sins. God doesn’t want your sacrifice to deliver yourself, he wants your honesty… and it shows you want to overcome. But here’s the great news: God can work through you despite your flaws. You don’t have to be perfect to be on God’s team. Finally today, God’s deliverance works on you, through you, and we also see at the end of Psalm 40 that… 3. God’s Deliverance works FOR you What this means is that God wants to save you from the destruction of sin and sinful habits. In this final section of the psalm, David offered a prayer for future deliverance, realizing that trouble is always near! David put his trust in God, calling upon the name of the Lord. The deliverance came and put a new song into David’s heart. This psalm looks beyond to the coming of the Messiah who would be the sacrifice that ended all sacrifice. Christ can deliver us through his blood because he came to accomplish the will of God and our salvation. The sacrificial system in the Old Testament was not enough to deliver us. Instead, Christ died for us, and perfectly fulfills Psalm 40 by bearing the punishment of our sins on the cross and abolishing the sacrificial system of the Old Testament. His deliverance from death is guarantee of our own deliverance.

Scripture References: Psalms 40:1-17

From Series: "Portraits of God"

The book of Psalms reveals a lot about the true nature of God. In our Portraits of God series, we will focused on one Psalm each week to see what it had to say about the character of God and how the book relates in modern ways to our lives. This series was taught at Imprint Church in late 2012.

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