Darren Larson - November 11, 2012

God is Leader

This sermon looked at the leadership attributes described in Psalm 23 with the connection to Jesus as the Good Shepherd. Most people like to think of Psalm 23 as the feel good Psalm. It unveils an intensely personal relationship with the Lord where he provides protection and hope in death. But I think it’s deeper than that, too. I think Psalm 23 gives us a better picture of leadership than I’ve seen in quite a while. It highlights five specific points of leadership we’ll look at. 1. Provision (vs.1) 2. Direction (vs. 2-3) 3. Restoration (vs. 3 4. Protection (vs. 4-5) 5. Vision (vs. 6)

Scripture References: Psalms 23:1-6

From Series: "Portraits of God"

The book of Psalms reveals a lot about the true nature of God. In our Portraits of God series, we will focused on one Psalm each week to see what it had to say about the character of God and how the book relates in modern ways to our lives. This series was taught at Imprint Church in late 2012.

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