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John 4:46-5:29 | Jesus’ Authority

November 10, 2019

In John 4:46, Jesus returns to Cana. The narrator reminds us that this is where Jesus turned water into wine. What’s more, the forthcoming story ends with a note that it is “the second sign that Jesus did when he had come from Judea to Galilee” (4:54). Both statements tie […]


John 4:1-45 | A Surprising (Re-)Marriage

November 3, 2019

In John 4:1-45, Jesus travels from Jerusalem in the south to Galilee in the north. In doing so, he travels through Samaria, a place that Jews usually avoided.  There was a great history of animosity between the Jews and Samaritans. When Solomon’s son Rehoboam caused the ten Northern Tribes to […]


John 3:1-21 | You All Must Be Born Again

October 13, 2019

John 3 contains a strong candidate for the most popular verse in the Bible. And for good reason: it succinctly captures the heart of God, the ministry of Jesus, and the promise of salvation for all who come to him in faith. However, as is so often the case with […]


John 2:12–25 | The True Temple

October 6, 2019

When we think of Jesus, is he domesticated? While Jesus is indeed gentle and kind, Scripture also presents him as a righteous judge. One who truly loves good will also hate evil. The story of Jesus cleansing the temple illustrates this fact well: there are some things for which Jesus […]


John 2:1-11 | The True Bridegroom

September 29, 2019

The Bible begins and ends with a wedding.  In the first wedding, Eve is presented to Adam (Gen 2). In the last wedding the New Jerusalem—the Church, the bride—is presented to Christ (Rev 19; 21–22).  John 2:1–11 also tells the story of a wedding; one that foreshadows the great wedding […]


John 1:19-51 | Behold

September 22, 2019

John chapter 1 leads us into the story. Remembering that the purpose of John’s Gospel is that we believe Jesus is the Christ (John 20:30–31), it is unsurprising that after the prologue, we have two stories about faith in Jesus. John the Witness (1:19–34) Jesus’ cousin John is commonly called […]


John 1:1-18 | In the Beginning

September 9, 2019

The beginning of every good story is important. It places the reader in the story’s world, gives them a rough map, points out some important people, and gives them a gentle push to start their journey.  The prologue of John’s Gospel is unique compared to the other three Gospels. With […]


Is That a Garden?

Garden - Rawanda
July 17, 2017

Sunday, July 9th, we had the privilege to commission Pastor Darren as he prepares to head to Rwanda. Yesterday, he left for the PDX airport to fly out. He’ll be speaking at a pastor’s conference as well as have the chance to visit Africa New Life, a ministry we support […]


4 Updates to the New Building You May Not Yet Know About

Annex Construction
July 11, 2017

The Annex has come a long way since we started this project earlier this year. Originally a cement slab, today it’s looking more and more like an actual building. There are so many generous people that have invested time and sweat to get it where it is right now. Here […]


Have worry in your life? Generosity can fix that…

July 3, 2017

  Did you know that you are rich? And I’m not talking theoretically rich. I’m asserting that you are, in fact, wealthy. Statistically speaking, if you live in America, you are wealthier than the rest of the world. Check this out: if your family income is $10,000 a year, you […]

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