Imprint Church is a non-denominational church in two locations governed by an elder team that is internally selected and congregationally affirmed. The elders are accountable to each other and meet the qualifications laid out in the New Testament books of 1 Timothy (chapter 3) and Titus (chapter 1). There are Elders and Lead teams in each Imprint community.

LEad Team

Jenny Bossio


Irenia Fuertes

Women - Bothell

Stephanie Garrison

Rex Gorman

Kids - Woodinville

Worship and Communications

Suzanne Hagelin

Josh King

Darren Larson

Tom McGregor

Prayer - Woodinville

Worship - Bothell

Lead Pastor - Woodinville


Steven Mendez

Megan Moisant

Laurie Morrison

Veronica Pearson

Students and Families

Kids - Bothell

Prayer - Bothell

Kids - Woodinville

Tom Regan

Lead Pastor - Bothell

Laurie Ukrainetz

Missy Whiting

Kyong Yu

Creative Arts and Special Events

Kids - Bothell

Pastoral Intern

Elder team

Curtis Halsey

Ben Izzard

Darren Larson

Staff Elder

Chad Morgan


Tom Regan

Staff Elder

Mark Villwock