What is Practicum?

Because Jesus is the perfect reflection of God’s character and activity in the world and the exact imprint of his nature, we want Imprint Church to give an impression of the character and goodness of King Jesus and make an impact on our communities through His good news. We display the character and activity of God in our communities when we make and multiply grateful and generous disciples of Jesus through the good news about him and his kingdom.

Enter Imprint Practicum.

Practicum is a relational, interactive, and practical learning environment meeting weekly through series of classes designed by a team of teachers under the guidance of the lead team and the authority of the elders. Each class will meet weekly for 4-8 weeks (depending on topic and content) and will be structured to include interactive lectures, small group breakouts for relational discussion and application, practical/applicational assignments, and interactive discussion as a class to make content personal, practical, and practicable.

Practicum meets on Wednesday Nights from 6:30-8:00pm.

Practicum is free, but we encourage you to sign up. Check below for a list of current classes and registration links.

Hope Coaching

This class will provide Hope Coach training for members of Imprint Church.

A Hope Coach provides the gift of presence to someone who is in the midst of a crisis or painful situation, or who is experiencing hopelessness, feeling that there is no way forward. A Hope Coach compassionately listens to their pain. They do not give advice or problem solve, but rather they help the individual process their honest feelings and emotions. Hope Coaches clear the way for hope, so the individual may begin to see a way forward. This class is for members of Imprint who have been invited to serve in a Hope Coach role. If you are interested, click below to email Tom McGregor.

A Priesthood of Believers

This class will provide brief introductions to some of the most common mental health concerns folks encounter or experience (Anxiety, Depression, Chemical Addiction, etc), then equip participants with one or two relational tools helpful for walking with someone through that particular area of concern. We intend for this class to provide the average member with enough competency to successfully and relationally navigate common mental health concerns with a member of their community (Generosity Group, Bible Study, Mom’s Group, Co-Worker, etc.) while maintaining clarity on healthy boundaries and their role in that relationship. If you are interested, click below to Register