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Hey Traveling Partners!

Over the past two weeks, Anna Huebner shared some updates on Imprint Church's future with Africa New Life Ministries (ANLM).

There's a lot to be excited about, so we thought we'd let her share in her own words!

Hi Imprint Family!

Wow! It was so fun to spend these last two weeks communicating a little bit about the 2023 Imprint Trip to Rwanda with Africa New Life. Of course, there is always more to say than time allows for on a Sunday morning. Hmm, maybe one night, for those interested, we could gather in the Annex and discuss more in detail all that happened on the ground in Rwanda… More info to come on that!

For now, however, let me highlight 2 big things about Imprint Church's involvement with ANLM:

1. Bugesera Becoming a Legacy Community

Bugesera is healthy and thriving! Out of the roughly 1300 students sponsored in the Bugesera region, Imprint sponsors about 200!

Since Bugesera has a successful sponsorship program running, a pastor, church building, and CDO (Child Sponsorship Officer) offices there, Bugesera is now considered a legacy community. A Legacy Community just means that it is well established and is running well. Sponsorship is still very important in this area and Imprint is by no means pulling out of our support for Bugesera.

That said, we will start putting significant focus into a new community: Gashora.

2. Expansion to Gashora

Just as Imprint is 1 Church, 2 locations, Gashora and Bugesera are similar in that manner. Gashora is very close to Bugesera, and Africa New Life and Imprint thought that it would be great to adopt that model through these two communities to mirror Imprint Woodinville and Imprint Bothell.

Currently, there are 4 new communities being started by Africa New Life. Gashora is located to the southeast of Bugesera and has no structural presence to date.  When ANLM sent a medical team to provide services to Gashora, there was such an overwhelming response to Christ that ANLM felt called to identify Gashora as a new location where they would start a New Life Church as well as the sponsorship program.

After speaking with Africa New Life and hearing their vision, I was able to pass on that information to our Elder Board for them to pray over. After seeking God’s guidance, Imprint generously gave $20,000 to Africa New Life to help with the structural part of getting a church built in Gashora! On top of this, Imprint will be sending $20,000 more over the next two years to support the launch of the new community. We also have another trip planned for 2025! We'll share more info on this soon.

Pastor Charles was beyond grateful to hear of our involvement. I'll let him tell you in his own words:
When we host our next Dream Sunday in the fall, we will have an opportunity to sponsor students from Gashora as well as Bugesera.

I’m so excited to see our partnership continue to grow between Imprint Church and Africa New Life Ministries through the ministry of sponsorship!

Anna Huebner
Here are some pictures from the trip!
We are so grateful for this new opportunity to partner with Africa New Life. We'll have more information about a fall Dream Sunday soon. If you have any questions about Africa New Life, you can visit them online or send us an email.
That's it for now. Be sure to check out our events page to see what else is going on.

We'll see you Sunday at 9am or 11am!

Together in Jesus,
The Imprint Church Team