God Can ministry was born from Rosanna Opperman's journey through a stage 4 Renal Cell Cancer diagnosis in Monterey, CA in Fall 2019. Rosanna was told her only option for treatment was palliative care and 8 months to live. Along with the support of her family, Rosanna went on a journey to find alternative treatments. Her research led her to live in Kirkland near her daughter, Laura, while she underwent surgery and began immunotherapy treatments.

Shortly after beginning treatment, Rosanna experienced severe side effects which led to a 3- month tumultuous stay at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland January - March 2020, including several stays in the ICU. Rosanna was discharged from Evergreen in March 2020 to her son's home in Sacramento, CA. Shortly after discharge, Rosanna received her results from her PET scan that showed she had zero cancer remaining in her body.

Throughout her journey, Rosanna clung to Scripture and the hope of Jesus Christ. She believed that the Lord would heal her, and felt peace with the knowledge that may mean going to her heavenly home.

God Can ministry is about the hope that is offered through Jesus in the most dire of circumstances.

Our Team

Rosanna Opperman


Healed from stage 4 renal cell cancer, Rosanna Opperman desires to share the hope and peace she found in Jesus Christ and throughout Scripture with those who have received a cancer diagnosis. Rosanna lives in Redmond, WA with
her husband Dan.
Rosanna has completed 'Our Journey of Hope Cancer Care Leadership Training' for Biblically-based cancer care ministry.

What we do

Meet with cancer care patients, their family's and loved ones, assess their physical and spiritual needs and seek to meet their needs first through established church channels and supplement with whatever help they can offer on their own time.

In every point of ministry, God Can aims to point cancer care patients, their family members and loved ones towards Scripture and the hope of Jesus Christ.

Step 1


God Can ministry is driven by compassion. We will meet with the cancer care patient, their care coordinator and loved ones, hear their story and using our "needs" form, assess what areas we can help with.

Step 2


The primary form of meeting needs will be through established channels of Imprint Church (i.e. meal train ministry, cancer patient's Imprint Group, prayer ministry). Our team will supplement in whatever ways we can.

Step 3

Come alongside

We will meet with the cancer patient and their loved ones as long as their needs persist.

Get Started

If you or someone you love is walking through cancer, click below to email GodCan.