New Life For Gashora

Hey Traveling Partners,

This Sunday kicks off the season of Advent. Every year during Advent, we pick a generosity project to focus on. For example, in the past we have raised money to help Pastor No Pum’s ministry in Myanmar to support discipleship in the Boarding homes and develop pastors and church plants there.

This year, we are leaning into our relationship with Africa New Life by helping them start a new community in Gashora. Our goal is to raise $100,000. Half of this will go toward a church building in Gashora. The rest of it will be for... wait for it... GOATS.
A couple weekends ago several members of our Lead Team and Casey and Anna Huebner were able to sit down with the founder and president of ANLM, Dr. Charles Mugisha, right here in Woodinville. He told us that ANLM is trying a new model of community partnerships and support using Goat Co-ops to help families share milk and other resources from the goats in an ongoing way. So if we can get the church building funded, the money given for the Goat Co-op will be used to build the farm and infrastructure, and hire the employees necessary to get it off the ground and keep the co-op running right there in Gashora.

As you think through your year-end giving, would you please consider giving above and beyond for people in real need around the world? You can give online through the app or by clicking below!

Christmas Treat Sunday

To help raise money, our Kids Ministry is once again hosting Christmas Treat Sunday! While the main giving campaign will focus on the farm and infrastructure, our Kids Ministry is going to buy the goats! Here's how it works:

  1. Families with kids will bake treats together.
  2. They will bring these treats to church on Sunday, December 10.
  3. You enjoy the treats and donate!
While the treats don't have to be goat themed, we definitely won't stop you!
We'll see you on Sunday at 9 or 11!

Together in Jesus,
The Imprint Church Team